What is the safe-ball and how to use it:

The safe-ball can protect your life-work for the next generations. The safe-ball can protect your memories, your treasures, your dokuments, your valuables, your business, your personality and even safe your life.

Everybody, who is seriously and responsibly thinking about the future, needs the safe-ball. The safe-ball can give you at least little bit of security in this complicated, uncertain and unforeseeable time.

There is many of unexpected events all over the world. Who knows, if just now coming something, what you absolutely haven't expected. People, who at first hand have met unforeseen environmental devastating disasters such as tornados, quakes, floods, tsunamis or fires, certainly agree with me. It's too late to berate yourself, when you are standing alone without nothing, without memories, without loving stuff, without enything what you live for - just nothing. Big emptiness in your head and heart. Horror, terrible vision. I am not rain-man, storm-man or volcano-man, I am not even prophet, but I don't want to be left nowhere without nothing and cry above my own stupidity.

How is the safe-ball works:

The safe-ball is actually a rounded hollow secure lockable safe deposit case which has high protection shell and it’s technological performance is specially designed to unassistedly float in the water. The safe-ball is waterproof and unbreakable and it’s closed by mechanical, electronical, magnetical or other security locking to secure valuable objects against theft and damage.

The protection shell is made from some layers – lower layers are made from lightweight materials such as cork or extruded polystyrene and upper layers are made from hard, solid and firm materials which is depends on the class of protection ( fire-resistance, water-resistance, pressure-resistance, etc.)

Very important thing is that the safe-ball with it’s protection shell is floating in the water, so it’s size is ride on weight and size of protected valuables. But in case of making decisions between life and death, we don’t need much. The most important thing is to have life-saving stuff and all other things come itself. And if we have on top of that a few loving keepsakes and memories, we can survive!

Nákres safe-ball

Short description of illustration: 1) The safe-ball 2) Opening 3) The protection shell 4) Closure

For the best resolution of confort, the safe ball can be set with radio, GSM or GPS navigation receiver. Thanks fast technical progress, we have got miniature storages with hundreds of gigabytes to save all ours lives in a digital form, indeed. And what can we do, even save all libraries to the small tiny digital storage. Is'nt it marvellous? Do that, please, and protect it for the next generations. I just want to give you some of the example, how to do it. Thanks Zdenek

Safe-ball in use:

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